Designer's Corner: Accessorizing Shelves

Accessorize your shelves with personality! Explore your local thrift store and you just might find the unexpected; a polka dotted bowl, a fluffy plant, a faux typewriter or camera, some books and a random statue of a Chihuahua. 80% of the accessories in this photo can be found at a thrift store. Your shelves will look amazing and no one will ever know how much money you spent! Here are a few ways to spruce up your shelves.

Use books

Unless you have a collection already, the price of brand new hardcover books could add up. The thrift store is a perfect place to find books, and at a fraction of the price. Whether you want almost new books, or a well worn rustic look you can find books to suite your need.

Here are a few rules for books:

  • Hardcover only, paperback looks tacky.
  • Take off the paper covers on the majority of your books.
  • Coordinate by color.
  • Leave enough room for accessories and tilting or stacking.


Add some greenery

As covered in our past blog, Designer's Corner: A Touch of Greenery, adding the right touch of greenery is an excellent way to liven up your home. For shelves, less is more. One small faux bush or a succulent in a unique container is enough.

Picture frames

Same as plants, use sparingly. Try to use close up shots as they stand out better from a distance. Look for frames that compliment your shelving. Again, thrift stores could prove to be a great place to find picture frames that fit your decor needs.


Reflective Items

It could be your picture frames, or a mercury glass plant pot. Regardless, look for something to add a bit of shine to your shelves. The reflective surfaces add a touch of light that make your shelves pop with life.

Having trouble getting started?

You can always pick a theme and follow that, for example a coastal vibe with colored bottles and driftwood pieces. Or follow the seasons and give yourself a reason to keep your shelves updated; a spooky Halloween theme, followed by autumn. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!